It is impossible to guess what is around the corner and anything might happen in the future. If you were to become unable to take care of your finances, personal or business affairs, who would you like to act on your behalf?

Without a Powers of Attorney (PoA) in place, if you were to become incapable of making decisions due to mental or physical harm, your decisions could be made by an authoritative or medical professional.

As specialists in estate management and Wills, we understand the consequences failing to leave a Will can have on your family.

Similar to a will, a PoA is an important document that is used to outline your wishes. Without one, your family may have to become involved in lengthy and costly court proceedings to manage your financial or health affairs.

A PoA is a flexible document and allows you to make changes in the future should you wish to appoint someone else to handle your care.


Protect your future

If you are unable to visit our Buckinghamshire solicitors firm, we are more than happy to visit your home or hospital ward at a time that is convenient to you.

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